Regus: Cloud Data Warehouse Improves Conversion Rates and Sales Intelligence

Regus: Cloud Data Warehouse Improves Conversion Rates and Sales Intelligence

Regus: Cloud Data Warehouse Improves Conversion Rates and Sales Intelligence


Regus, a leading multinational provider of white-label office space needed a new way to track the conversion of sales leads
in order to optimise their sales pipeline. Currently the sales process is tracked across a multitude of in-house and third party
hosted SAS systems, making it incredibly difficult to track an enquiry through from source to conversion.
The best example of this is a potential new customer making an enquiry through the Regus website, having seen an advert
on another website. This enquiry would be tracked by Google Analytics, and prompt a sales representative to reach out via
email. This email would be tracked in a separate internal system. If the client then telephones the sales representative, the
details of this call would be entered into a system backed by Salesforce. If the client finally orders office space, this order
would then be recorded in a fourth internal system. Linking each of these steps together was only possible by manually
matching different parts of the process based on client name and date, an error prone process.
The result of this is that Regus have extremely poor visibility over the efficiency of their sales process, as well as the rate of
conversions coming through their website and other digital media. This in turn made it almost impossible to perform
analysis on the performance of the placement of various adverts.


Colibri Digital leveraged the power of existing open source Extract Transform Load (ETL) technology, combined with
Amazon’s state-of-the-art Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse to develop a single point of truth for all sales funnel, conversion
and intelligence queries. The new solution is capable of sourcing information from all of Regus’s sales data stores, including
numerous custom in-house applications, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Once this data was extracted from business silos,
it was transformed into format and schema optimised for the sales query domain, and joined together into business friendly


The Regus sales team are now able to at a glance understand the effectiveness of their sales pipeline over a given period.
This has enabled an enormous number of optimisations to be made to their sales approach. Some of the previously
unavailable capabilities delivered by this solution include:
● Evaluate advert click-through to conversion from web-adverts through to sales
● Assess conversion rates
● Visualisalise and analyse the performance of various parts of the sales pipeline
● Understand where sales leads are dropped across all sources
● Single source of truth for all sales related information

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