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Colibri Digital are experts in ensuring you get the most out of the Amazon Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Colibri Digital are experts in ensuring your success on AWS, regardless of if this is your first foray into Cloud Computing, or if your organisation are already running a number of production workloads. We help you navigate the complete set of AWS infrastructure service, and leverage our extensive industry experience to help shape your Cloud engagement strategy. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we have time and again demonstrated that we have the capabilities necessary to build, deploy and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Our long track record of successful DevOps and DevSecOps automation projects, cloud architecture studies and infrastructure migrations spans tens of clients. You can read some of our case studies here.

We share our expertise and skills in our e-learning courses published exclusively for developers and architects. Designed and developed for on-demand AWS topics like Hands-on Amazon DB for developers and many more. Please check our training page for more.

Colibri Digital’s team of engineers, architects and developers have achieved some of Amazon’s highest levels of certification, including the Certified Solutions Architect Professional and Certified DevOps Engineer Professional, which means you will be working with a team that has demonstrated the highest level of skill and expertise when using AWS.

Some of our cloud professional services include:

Infrastructure and application migration to Amazon Web Services from either on premises, or another
public cloud provider such as Azure or GCP
● Well Architected Audit, our most popular pre-packaged architecture audit to ensure
you’re making the most out of AWS while keeping your data and applications safe
and secure
DevOps, DevSecOps and automation of new or existing applications or infrastructure
using tools like Cloudformation, Terraform, and Amazon Web Services SAM
Application Development to design, build and deploy well architected resilient
Big Data and Artificial Intelligence services that enable your cloud applications to
stream, store and analyse vast amounts of data in order to derive new business
Serverless technologies that enable you to unlock the true power of the AWS cloud
by making use of a wide array of fully managed services