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Helping you leverage the power of the cloud to unlock business value

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Colibri Digital has an extensive and proven track record of helping businesses small and large accelerate their technology goals by building or moving parts of their application catalogue to the cloud. This experience has given us a deep understanding of how to effectively implement as a key and growing element of any businesses IT strategy. We partner with all major public cloud vendors in order to ensure we can help you deliver a solution that’s aligned to your organization’s strategic objectives.


We believe that scalable, data driven applications should be at the heart of every business decision. The data you collect about your everyday customers and operations can be used to help you make smarter choices about the strategic direction of your organization and Cloud Computing Solutions. Traditionally, the volume of data required to derive this value has prevented organisations from adopting large scale analytics. By leveraging the power of the cloud combined with cutting edge big data and machine learning techniques, we can help you unlock the hidden value in your data.


One of the promises of the agile approach is the ability to continuously deliver software, but this is so often held up by infrastructure, or an ineffective pipeline. We can help you optimise your agile workflow by embedding a DevOps first culture into your Dev teams. By combining this attitude with the latest DevOps automation and orchestration tooling you can finally deliver on the promise of agile software delivery.

When combined with Cloud Computing Solutions, it’s possible to achieve a state of true automation continuous integration across not only application changes but also infrastructure. We can help you design and build application architectures that leverage the power of DevOps automation to not only respond to application changes, but also automatically respond to scaling events and failure scenarios.


We believe that the legacy of our work should be more than just a piece of technology, and it’s our ability to deliver on this that sets us apart from our competitors. This means empowering your employees with the knowledge they need to not only work with a particular piece of new technology, but grow into experts and thought leaders within your organisation.

To enable this, we’ve published more than 40 video training courses across a range of technical areas covering everything from the basics of Java and Python, to complex Cloud architectures, to advanced Machine Learning Techniques. Through our partners and a range of distribution channels these in-depth courses have delivered 1000’s of hours of content to more than 100,000 IT professionals. Our comprehensive portfolio of video content is also regularly supported by live and in-person training sessions across the globe.