Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data & Machine Learning
Big Data & Machine Learning 2022-02-11T10:04:32+00:00

Colibri Digital believes that the best business decisions are driven by insights derived from the vast quantities of data our clients capture every day. In order to support this, we’ve developed an end-to-end data science and advanced analytics capability. We help our clients to understand the data they have, and apply some of the latest advanced data science and artificial intelligence techniques to unlock benefits for their organisation.

With such deep experience in both cloud computing technologies, Colibri Digital are uniquely placed to unlock the value from your organisations data sets.

Big Data & Machine Learning solutions allow you to:

Big Data and the Internet of Things are set to transform many areas of business and everyday life. With the ability to enable efficient and speedy processing of high volumes of device data, Colibri Digital can design and automate your unique IoT platform and supporting applications. We can also leverage machine learning technology to analyze the myriad of data generated by IoT devices and to generate predicted outcomes and behavior.

Tools We Use for Big Data & Machine Learning .

Some of the tools we leverage to make this happen include

  • Amazon Aurora – MySQL and Postgres compatible database engine with significantly improved performance, and commercial features like multi-site replication baked in
  • Amazon EMR – A fully managed Hadoop cluster
  • Amazon Kinesis – For consuming and processing real time data streams at huge volume
  • Amazon Redshift – performant, fully managed cloud data warehouse
  • Amazon S3 – an infinitely scalable object store
  • Amazon RDS – a fully managed tool for running a range of relational databases in the cloud
  • Amazon Sagemaker – a cutting edge machine learning tool for building and scaling models on the cloud
  • Azure SQL Data warehouse – a fully managed, scalable cloud data warehouse
  • Azure Storage – a flexible managed storage service
  • Azure Databricks – a fully integrated, fully managed data science engine
  • Azure EventHubs – for ingesting and processing streams of real time data

In addition to a range of Cloud Native services, Colibri Digital also has extensive experience working with a range of open source Big Data and Machine Learning tools including Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Hadoop, Tensorflow, Keras, Kubernetes and Kubeflow.