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Big Data & Machine Learning

Colibri Digital believes that the best business decisions are driven by insights derived from the vast quantities of data our clients capture every day. In order to support this, we've developed an end-to-end data science and advanced analytics capability. We help our clients to understand the data they have, and apply some of the latest advanced data science and artificial intelligence techniques to unlock benefits for their organisation.

With such deep experience in both cloud computing technologies, Colibri Digital are uniquely placed to unlock the value from your organisations data sets.

Big Data & Machine Learning solutions allow you to:

Bring all of your data together into a single, centralised repository

Giving you a single go-to place for business intelligence, advanced analytics, and hypothesis development.

Predict events

Commonly known as a time to event horizon prediction, our advanced data science techniques can identify trends and convergences in your data in order to determine if and when an event may occur

Recommend products to customers

By leveraging your data sets to gain insight from customer buying behaviours

Develop enterprise-wide insights

Using Big Data visualisation tools that enable you to gain Business Intelligence from a range of disconnected data sets

Identify new customers

Using consumer interests, behaviour and insights gathered from Big Data analytics

Gather data from IoT devices

In order to predict failure, pre-empt maintenance and derive intelligence from vast streams of real time information

Incorporate Data Engineering

Data Engineering reveals answers to crucial aspects of business development. Data Engineering enables analysts and data scientists to process huge amounts of data in a reliable, efficient, and secure manner to uncover growth opportunities and detect any errors.

Enable Fraud Detection

Recognizing patterns and behavior through machine learning to monitor and prevent any unauthorized or fraudulent activity and provide a secure interface. Fraud detection is an important aspect of the digital industry to prevent loss and threats.

Big Data and the Internet of Things are set to transform many areas of business and everyday life. With the ability to enable efficient and speedy processing of high volumes of device data, Colibri Digital can design and automate your unique IoT platform and supporting applications. We can also leverage machine learning technology to analyze the myriad of data generated by IoT devices and to generate predicted outcomes and behavior.