Security and Architecture Audit

Security and Architecture Audit
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Security and Architecture Audit.

With years of experience and countless successful projects in production, we know what it takes to design and build efficient, scalable and secure Cloud Native applications. Colibri Digital has worked with clients in some of the most security conscious industry verticals, including Banking, High-tech Manufacturing and Energy. This experience makes us ideally placed to perform an assessment of your Cloud Architecture from both a design and security perspective.

As certified AWS and Azure partners, we’ve been rigorously assessed by both Amazon and Microsoft giving our customers complete peace of mind.

We know that some organisations are pessimistic about moving their data and applications to the cloud and have used our experience of engagements like this to develop our unique Security and Architecture audit product. Combining our experience gained from tens of successful engagements, we know what it takes to get an application over the line, past internal and external security reviews, auditors, regulators and penetration tests.

Our Approach.

In partnership with Amazon, we’ve developed a five pillared approach to assessing architectural and security excellence