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Case Studies

Fendix Media: Cloud Native Data Warehouse Delivers Cutting Edge Advertising Insights to the NHS

Fendix Media, a digital media agency pride themselves with offering unrivalled digital access to the NHS, assisting trusts withdirect revenue generation through the placement of targeted adverts across the NHS intranet. Over the last couple of years, Fendix Media have grown rapidly, and now offer digital media products to almost every major NHS trust in the UK.


As Fendix Media has grown, so to has it's desire to increase the sophistication of its Ad placing strategies. This lead to a requirement to centralise information about advert operations, sales, ad placement, clicks, click throughs as well as information about end users. By centralising, analysing, and visualising this information, Fendix Media believe they will be able to offer better targeting, pricing and placement strategies to their customers.

As is typical in a rapidly growing and evolving business environment, IT strategy struggled to keep up. This meant that data was siloed in a large number of disparate and disconnected data sources. In order to improve their Ad Placement strategies, all of this data needed to be connected in one central repository.

Colibri were approached to deliver a solution to this problem in the quickest and most cost effective fashion, leverage a Cloud First, AWS native set of technologies.


After a set of initial workshops with key stakeholders and data owners we were able to craft the design for a cutting edge integration layer, leveraging the very latest cloud native technologies including AWS Glue and Redshift. Having pitched the solution delivery to Fendix Media's IT and Business leadership we were given the green light to build the new integration suite, data warehouse, and business intelligence layers.

In just six short weeks Colibri Digital was able to integrate ten different, completely disconnected, geographically dispersed data sources into a centralised data warehouse and apply a business intelligence visualization layer on top.


The delivery of a state of the art data warehouse and business intelligence suite allows Fendix Media's sales and Ad Ops teams to perform self-service analysis of ad performance and placement strategies in real time. Fendix Media are now able to accurately forecast the performance and cost of different Ad placement strategies using the cutting edge analytics layer delivered by Colibri Digital.

As an additional bonus, the sales team can now share real time dashboards with end customers illustrating the performance of their Ad campaigns. Previously, a customer would have to telephone a sales representative who would then have to request a manually generated report from an IT team.