SMEs give large enterprises, a run for their money by adopting the cloud.

SMEs give large enterprises, a run for their money by adopting the cloud.

SMEs give large enterprises, a run for their money by adopting the cloud.

With larger enterprises advancing bullishly onto the cloud over the past few years, modalities of most vertical markets have almost transgressed. End customers now have their expectations, delinquently baselined due to the nature of services and the cost at which they are being offered. This is almost a throwback from the cellular network war which imploded the entire cell phone industry in most developed and developing nations, worldwide.

By design, enterprises thrive on their ability to alleviate non-performing technological, organizational and environmental facets. The key to empowering these aspects is not controlling the change rather adapting to the change. By pumping in capital brute force, large organizations reduce any inverse losses; a commodity which most SMEs are not privileged with.

SMEs are increasingly drawing a degree of comparison between the cloud offerings they avail today, at variance, with the best in the industry. While such a line of comparison could be notional, the contrast in expectations from the present Cloud adoption services or their cloud computing partner for that matter is much real.

By engaging with an adept Cloud adoption partner, deviations in outcome and uncertainty in costs can be completely kept in check. By adopting the cloud model, a large portion of the SME segment today, potentially drive enterprise-scale products and services without incurring any additional costs, giving them a leaner edge against adjacent top tier competitors.

Speed, Reach, Adaptability & Control:

Some top business drivers which play a significant role while considering cloud solutions or cloud partners are, automated discovery, agile delivery, agnostic coverage, service triaging and trialability, learning and development capability, operations run support and eventually value-based ROI. By working with a primed cloud partner and deploying the right-sized cloud solutions, SMEs are not only benefitting from higher productivity, increased efficiencies and customer intimacy, but the overall cost of ownership for critical business supporting infrastructure and applications also has reduced to a great extent.

What renders the cloud adoption model unique and commercially viable for SMEs is that costs can be better planned without the involvement of any capital expenditure and cloud services can be consumed with full flexibility.

Why cloud and why now?

With a lot of principal cloud technology providers like Amazon, Nutanix, Microsoft, competing to provide the best possible cost and innovations, it is inevitable that in the next few years the imminent choice for most businesses to host their products or services will be the cloud.

Many SME organizations who have adopted the cloud have experienced tremendous benefits in the following areas of their infrastructure management and product or service delivery capabilities:

  1. On-demand self-service models for customers, reducing resource pool size and effort overheads
  2. Broader, faster and reliable access to data lakes avoiding temperamental service blackouts or delays
  3. Cost avoidance through infrastructure pooling and optimization
  4. Agility and elasticity in products and services rendered
  5. Accurate measurement of service and service levels

A right cloud partner can help you evaluate the internal, convergent, and discriminant aspects of how technology can support and flourish your business needs.


While businesses can wait for the right time and opportunity for the move to cloud-based infrastructure operations or application support, the question is how long should one wait at the cost of losing business to competitors who are early adopters. After all, why wait when you can transform your ITC channels from simply being looked upon as a cost centre to a full-blown strategic business asset.

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